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A survey of open question in adaptive therapy: bridging mathematics and clinical translation
arXiv 2022
West, Adler, Gallaher, Strobl, Brady-Nicholls, Brown, Robertson-Tessi, Kim, Noble, Viossat, Basanta, & Anderson.
A phase 1b adaptive androgen deprivation therapy trial in metastatic castration sensitive prostate cancer
Cancers 2022
Zhang, Gallaher, Cunningham, Choi, Ionescu, Chatwal, Jain, Kim, Wang, Brown, Anderson, & Gatenby
The sum and the parts: dynamics of multiple and individual metastases during adaptive therapy
BioRxiv 2022
Gallaher, Strobl, West, Zhang, Gatenby, Robertson-Tessi, & Anderson
Spatial structure impacts adaptive therapy by shaping intra-tumoral competition
Comms Med 2022
Strobl, Gallaher, West, Robertson-Tessi, Maini, & Anderson
Cycling hypoxia selects for constitutive HIF stabilization
Sci Reps 2021
Pressley, Gallaher, Brown, Tomaszewski, Borad, Damaghi, Gillies, & Whelan
Hybrid Automata Library: A modular platform for efficient hybrid modeling with real-time visualization
PLOS CB 2020
Bravo, Baratchart, West, Schenck, Miller, Gallaher, Gatenbee, Basanta, Robertson-Tessi, & Anderson
From cells to tissue: How cell scale heterogeneity impacts glioblastoma growth and treatment response
PLOS CB 2020
Gallaher, Massey, Hawkins-Daarud, Noticewala, Rockne, Johnston, Gonzalez-Cuyar, Juliano, Gil, Swanson, Canoll, & Anderson
The impact of proliferation-migration tradeoffs on phenotypic evolution in cancer
Sci Rep 2019
Gallaher, Brown, & Anderson
Lesion Dynamics Under Varying Paracrine PDGF Signaling in Brain Tissue
Bull Math Bio 2018
Massey, Hawkins-Daarud, Gallaher, Anderson, Canoll, & Swanson
Connecting the Microenvironmental Niche to Treatment Response in Ovarian Cancer
BioRxiv 2018
Strobl, Wicker, Adhikarla, Shockey, Lakatos, Pooladvand, Schenk, Saputro, Gatenbee, Koppens, García, Wenham, Damaghi, & Gallaher
Methods for determining key components in a mathematical model for tumor–immune dynamics in multiple myeloma
JTB 2018
Gallaher, Larripa, Ledzewicz, Renardy, Shtylla, Tania, White, Wood, Zhu, Passey, Robbins, Bezman, Shelat, Cho, & Moore
A mathematical model for tumor–immune dynamics in multiple myeloma
Springer Books 2018
Gallaher, Larripa, Ledzewicz, Renardy, Shtylla, Tania, White, Wood, Zhu, Passey, Robbins, Bezman, Shelat, Cho, & Moore
Spatial heterogeneity and evolutionary dynamics modulate time to recurrence in continuous and adaptive cancer therapies
Cancer Res 2018
Gallaher, Enriquez-Navas, Luddy, Gatenby, & Anderson
Comparative dynamics of microglial and glioma cell motility at the infiltrative margin of brain tumours
Interface 2018
Juliano, Gil, Hawkins-Daarud, Noticewala, Rockne, Gallaher, Massey, Sims, Anderson, Swanson, & Canoll
Simulating PDGF-Driven Glioma Growth and Invasion in an Anatomically Accurate Brain Domain
Bull Math Biol 2017
Massey, Rockne, Hawkins-Daarud, Gallaher, Anderson, Canoll, & Swanson
Combining radiomics and mathematical modeling to elucidate mechanisms of resistance to immune checkpoint blockade in non-small cell lung cancer
BioRxiv 2017
Saeed-Vafa, Bravo, Dean, El-Kenawi, Mon Père, Strobl, Daniels, Stringfield, Damaghi, Tunali, Brown, Curtin, Nichol, Peck, Gillies, & Gallaher
Hybrid approach for parameter estimation in agent-based models
BioRxiv 2017
Gallaher, Hawkins-Daarud, Massey, Swanson, & Anderson
The role of contact inhibition in intratumoral heterogeneity: An off-lattice individual based model
BioRxiv 2016
Gallaher & Anderson
Development of a Highly Parameterized Model for Use in Designing Clinical Trials to Maximize the Efficacy of a Novel Dendritic Cell Vaccine in Multiple Myeloma
BioRxiv 2016
Gatenbee, Folguera-Blasco, Daniels, Gallaher, Rockne, Nicholson, Maniati, Kennedy, Luddy, Locke, & Robertson-Tessi
Bridging Population and Tissue Scale Tumor Dynamics: A New Paradigm for Understanding Differences in Tumor Growth and Metastatic Disease
Cancer Res 2014
Gallaher, Babu, Plevritis, & Anderson
Improving treatment strategies for patients with metastatic castrate resistant prostate cancer through personalized computational modeling
Clin & Exp Mets 2014
Gallaher, Cook, Gupta, Araujo, Dhillon, Park, Scott, Pow-Sang, Basanta, & Lynch
Evolution of intratumoral phenotypic heterogeneity: the role of trait inheritance
Interface Focus 2013
Gallaher & Anderson
Ion Traffic Through a Cell Membrane - and How Its 1/f Noise Connects to Gambler's Ruin, Catalan Numbers and Zipf's Law
FNL 2011
Bier & Gallaher
Ion Traffic Across Cellular Membranes
dissertation 2010
Ion-channel-like behavior in lipid bilayer membranes at the melting transition
PRE 2010
Gallaher, Wodzińska, Heimburg, & Bier
First Order Phase Transition and Hysteresis in a Cell’s Maintenance of the Membrane Potential - An Essential Role for the Inward Potassium Rectifiers
Biosystems 2010
Gallaher, Bier, & Siegenbeek van Heukelom
In Vivo Electroporation: An Important Injury Mechanism in Electrical Shock Trauma
CRC Press 2010
Barakat, Gallaher, Chen, & Lee
The Role of Chloride Transport in the Control of the Membrane Potential in Skeletal Muscle - Theory and Experiment
Biophys Chem 2009
Gallaher, Bier, & Siegenbeek van Heukelom
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